What is ChatGPT? How ChatGPT Works?

ChatGPT is a language model developed by OpenAI, it's a type of AI that's suitable for understanding and inducing mortal- such as text and words. It's been trained on a vast quantum of text and word data from the internet, so it has a good understanding of colorful motifs and it can perform colorful and magical natural language processing tasks similar to language restatement, textbook summarization, and textbook completion, content generation, content correction, spelling check, grammar check, answer to user questions. Basically, it's a computer program that can communicate with people in a way that feels natural and mortal-like. Here we have created simple infographics on ChatGPT. So you can easily learn with this diagram. ChatGPT is a chatbot, launched in November 2022 by OpenAI. The program is built on OpenAI's GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 families of large language models. It works with supervised and reinforcement learning techniques. ChatGPT was launched as a prototype on 30 November 2022.

ChatGPT Diagram, Learn how ChatGPT Works with Diagram

ChatGPT Can DO

*Generate Content Ideas and their words
*General Social media posts and Content instantly
*Gives answers to any question from the Internet
*Write sample Letters, Essay, Poems, and Many More
* Write programming codes in different languages
Explain and correct complicated contents, concepts, etc


*Can Remember the past conversation
*Trained to decline inappropriate requests
*Can inform the user to follow up on corrections


*Limited Knowledge of the world till 2023
*May give harmful instructions to the user
*It may generate incorrect information occasionally

For some examples, you can ask to ChatGPT

* Write a blog post on "Recent Inovation in Technology" in 1000 words 
* Write a Sample Letter to Principle
* Correct the spelling of the following words 
* Write a program for addition in C++
*Write an HTML code for a Bold Letter 
* Give Ideas for birthday wishes

As you learn there are so many features are there in the ChatGPT. Now the ChatGPT is currently free for use. First of all your login into their website and then you must verify the email ID and mobile number. After that, you will be able to access and enjoy the features of ChatGPT. As we know that ChatGPT is an internet-based system so we must have an internet connection while we using it. Unfortunately, till now in 2023 we cannot use or implement with another system like Google Assistant.

ChatGPT can understand regional languages also. When you ask any question or search your queries in your own regional language, it will give you output in your regional language also. ChatGPT is very differ from the search engines. Search engines basically indexed the information from different sources, blogs, and websites. And when a user searches any query in the search engine, the search engine navigate the user to a blog or website where the user will get the proper information. On the other hand, the ChatGPT is trained and programmed with stored information, so it will not give you information collecting from the internet. It will give information from itself.

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